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MotorSport since 1986

- Date of Birth: 15.07.1972
- Place of Residence: Jyväskylä
- Profession: Professional motorsport driver
- Best results: Two very beautiful daughters

- 2013 - SuperCars Portugal Champion
- 2012 - Spanish GT Champion (9/12 podium) Team Novadriver Audi R8 LMS Ultra GT3
- 2010 - WRC Rally Finland best debutant (7th in PWRC)
- 2010 - Finnish "Suomi Cup" Rally Champion and 9th in FIA GT3 European Championship standings
- 2009 - Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 Finnish Champion (5/12 wins, 10/12 podium)
- 2008 - BMW 320si 6/12 wins (9/12 podium), FIA ETCC Salzburg 7th and 8th
- 2008 - BMW 320si Super Touring Finnish & Estonian Champion
- 2006-2009 selected Endurance and rally events
- Out from motorsport due busy work life
- 1986-1990 - approximately 200 Motocross starts

Professional motorsport team

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Eero Räikkönen
team manager
Matti Hänninen
Ville Uusitalo
Tero Korhonen
Joonas Huuskonen
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Mika Heinonen
Harri Koskela
Isto Keinänen
Mika Toukola
Jani Kekoni
Media and website

Highslide JSLamborghini Gallardo LP 570-4 Super Trofeo:

In season 2014 I'll be driving for success in Lamborghini Blancplan Super Trofeo Europe series with nearly 600bhp Lamborghini Gallardo which runs about 300km/h.

Technical data:
- Top speed: approx. 300km/h
- Engine: V10 5.2l IDS
- Maximum power: 570hp @ 8000rpm
- Maximum torque: 540Nm @ 6500rpm
- Transmission: 6-speed, steering wheel shift-paddles
- Brakes: Brembo 375x35mm and 355x32mm discs
- Weight: 1300kg

GTM Motorsport Lamborghini Gallardo:

Highslide JSLamborghini Gallardo like its' big brother Murciélago is one of the most powerful cars in the world. These cars are true Grand Turismo and Supercars. Gallardo is the most sold car model of Lamborghini brand and its' being popullary used when racing in GT-groups around the world.

Technical data:
- Type: Lamborghini 07L1 90° V10-Engine DOHC
- Gearbox: 6-speed dogbox
- Maximum power: 535hp (393kW) @ 7800 RPM
- Maximum torque: 510Nm @ 4500 RPM
- Brakes 8/4-piston, 375mm/332mm discs
- Tyres: 30/65 / 50/65 18" BFGoodrich, OZ magnesium rims
- Length: 4340mm
- Width: 1930mm
- Height: 1100mm
- Wheelbase: 2560mm
- Weight: 1238kg

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FIN-R

Highslide JSFIN-R and R4 group tuned Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX rally car was manufactured for rally usage in 2008. In season 2009 I achieved my first-ever "Suomi Cup" Rally Championship title.

Maintenance and developement work is done by PrintSport Racing.

Technical data:
- ECU: Motec M800 + dash, data logging + diff. ECU
- Power / Torque: 496hp / 700 nM.
- Clutch: HKS
- Transmission: Pankle dogbox
- Suspension: Tein
- Safety: KBT roll cage, weldings done by JMS Technic
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